We hope that Pearl Hacks will help women and non binary individuals of skill levels to realize their true value, invigorate their educational journeys, and inspire each other to continue dreaming and achieving amazing things.

Hackathon Sponsors


$5,895 in prizes

Rewriting the Code: Best Women’s Empowerment Hack

Waterproof Braven Portable Speakers + RTC t-shirts

UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health: Most Promising Public Health Hack

$50 per team member

CapTech: Best Natural Language Processing Hack (2)

Prize 1: Google Home Smart Speaker with Google Assistant
Prize 2: Google Nest Mini (2nd generation) with Google Assistant

UNC Computer Science + Social Good: Best Hack Improving Lives of Youth

Google Chrome Casts

Cisco: Best #BeTheBridge Hack

Cisco swag bag: Apple Airpods w/ wireless charging case, Cisco socks, and more!

Red Ventures: Hack that Most Embodies the Spirit of Collaboration (2)

Prize 1: $75/person and swag
Prize 2: $25/person and swag

Barings Asset Management: Best ESG Hack

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter Max Kit 64GB Edition and Barings Swag

nCino: Why So Serious Hack

$25 Amazon Gift Card + surprise fun pack

Genesys: Most Likely to Improve Customer Experience (2)

Genesys Swag and AMEX gift card

Google Cloud: Best Use of Google Cloud (2)

Google Nest Mini, Cloud Patagonia Backpack, Cloud Pillow, Acrylic Trophy, and Cloud Water Bottle

Google Cloud: Best Hack Using Perspective API for Social Good

Backpack, water bottle, trophy, pillow, Nest Mini

IBM: Best Natural Disaster Response or Mitigation Solution (2)

Prize 1: $500
Prize 2: $300

Avalara: Best Hack to Simplify an Everyday Process (2)

Prize 1: Orange Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Prize 2: Orange Rocketbook Bundle

Optum: Best Health Hack

24" Scepter Monitor & Optum Ceramic Mug

CapitalOne: Best Financial Hack

$250 amazon gift card/team member

Wells Fargo: Best Financial Literacy Hack (2)

Prize 1: Bluetooth earmuffs and $100 amazon gift card
Prize 2: Bluetooth earmuffs and $25 amazon gift card

MetLife: Most Impactful Hack

Metlife swag (s'well water bottle, notebook, socks) and $50 amazon gift card/member

Microsoft: Best Hack for the Triangle Area

Microsoft surface mice

Vanguard: Best Financial Literacy Hack

Amazon Echo Dot

Credit Suisse: Best use of Machine Learning/AI

Amazon Echo Dot

Bandwidth: Future of Instant Messaging

Bandwidth swag + airpods

Twitter: Hack that best supports the idea that change has to begin with the people (2)

Prize 1: Airpods
Prize 2: Camelbak twitter backpack

Splunk: Most Creative Data Hack

Beats pill speaker, snuggie

MLH: Best UPath Automation Hack

Build or add automation to your hack using UiPath! Each winning team member will receive a Limited Edition UiPath Branded Backpack and an opportunity to interview for a UiPath Internship in 2020 with high recommendation!

MLH: Most Creative Radar.io Hack

Tile Sticker Smart Tracker

Pearl Hacks Prize: First Place

JBL Speaker

Pearl Hacks Prize: Second Place

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Polaroid Camera + Film

Pearl Hacks Prize: Third Place

Portable Charger

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sponsors, UNC CS Professors, Mentors

Sponsors, UNC CS Professors, Mentors

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    This directly derives from one of our core values. We want hackers to contribute back to the field they’re in, so that their work can better benefit the community in the future.
  • Innovation
    Reinventing the wheel, no matter how awesome the wheel is, is quite banal. Exploration of ideas is a value that we want all hackers to pursue. Pearl Hacks is looking for novel hacks engineered from the minds of our creative hackers.
  • Technical Difficulty
    Hacks can easily have a variety of ranges of difficulty. We want to reward hackers who demonstrate a large amount of technical prowess in the projects created.
  • Viability
    We are looking for hacks that are well-built and could easily be continued to become a viable product. The hack should be more than just a pitch.
  • 'It' Factor
    There are certain hacks that just cause you to say “WOW.” It is up to the discretion of the judges to identify this intangible quality of a hack that just amazes people.

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